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Fortnite Timthetatman or known as Timothy John Betar was conceived April eighth, 1990 in Syracuse New York. He got hitched in August 2016 to Alexis.

On the off chance that you haven’t been to a TimTheTatMan stream and also his close friend Nickmercs stream you are passing up a great opportunity. Tim is calm and mindful and you can see he shows some care of gold.

He is a performer first and gamer second. He wouldn’t fret committing errors in the game insofar as individuals are getting a charge out of the substance. Prior being a decoration he used to work with extraordinary necessities kids.

How did Timthetatman get his name?

When Tim was at school the professor was taking roll call. This point Tim only had one tattoo.  The instructor called Tim and he said “here”.  The professor said ok Timthetatman check.

The beginning of Timthetatman

Toward the beginning of his profession 2013 he zeroed in predominantly on Honorable obligation Dark Operations 2.

He generally appeared to have people watching him toward the beginning and it just kept on developing throughout the long term.

He delighted in imparting his life to his fans like his affection for jeeps and what groups he upheld which are fundamentally the Cowhands and Blackhawks.


On Twitch his better half fired up a stream and gave him a present, it was a little shirt. He was so confounded as he just woke up and inquired as to whether she was pregnant and she said truly, he was so shocked he asked again to hear a similar answer and the greatest grin showed up all over.

Avoid forward and he currently has a child kid (Brewer) who shows up on the stream every now and then.


Tim is a particularly kind individual and has even raised more than $106,000 for Holy person Judes kids in a 4 hour good cause occasion. At the point when you go into his stream you might be somewhat befuddled from the start however you will rapidly know why such countless individuals watch him and when it’s the ideal opportunity for you to leave the stream it will feel like you made another companion

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